Critical hits and fumbles

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So in the original 1st ed critical hits only occurred when a creature is down to 0 wounds. But Apocryhpa now introduced critical fumbles if you roll a double over your skill level (and charts for that as well).

I recently saw a post (I think from Andy Law) that he was introducing critical hits on doubles below your skill level in 1st ed - the solution was fairly simple:

- On an 11 you inflict a +1 critical hit
- On a 22 you inflict a +2 critical hit
- etc...

All regardless of toughness and armor and of your current wound level. So the higher your skill - the higher the chance that you score a deadly critical hit.

This (to me) was the missing piece of the puzzle (that both under and over skill rolls are represented). So I have decided to introduce this in my own 1st ed campaign and no longer use exploding dice on the damage roll.

And then it occurred to me that some of you have probably already used this as a houserule for ages. Anyone who has done this and would like to comment on the effect?

As far as I can calculate a critical hit on a double will roughly have the same probability as rolling against your skill, rolling a 6 and rolling against your skill to confirm.
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I used to do this way back in the day, and it pretty much works fine in play.
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Yeah, we adopted this years ago and it works really well:

Ulric’s Fury
When a WS/BS roll passes on a double (11, 22, 33 ...) this indicates that the blow is remarkably devastating:
• If parried, it ruins the parrying weapon (improvised)
• If armoured, it wounds and damages armour (-1 AP)
• If neither, it inflicts double damage!

Ranald’s Curse
Doubles (00, 99, 88, etc.) rolled on a failed WS/BS test indicate the attacker has fumbled his attack. Depending on the weapon, consult the relevant Fumble Table to determine the consequences

Source: our Players Screen for WFRP1x
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