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In Night's Dark Masters there are two methods of generating a vampire.

The quick method that treats them as a monster, and the full method that treats them as a character that receives the Blood Kiss.

What I'm wondering is: are the three vampire careers (thrall, count, lord) only for the full method creation, or do the quick method vampires also get vampire careers?
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I would think you can do either, but I am pretty sure that the Vampire careers are intended to be for the full version. And indeed for having Vampires as PCs in high powered bad guys games.

The quick method seems, at least to me, to be like its more of a "monster of the week" approach for Vampire that isn't suppose to play a key part in the plot or having extensive interactions beyond a key scene or so.
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I think those Vampiric careers are usable in both methods. And you can also use other careers, that might suit. I like Night's Dark Masters and that it gives possibility to make Vampires with more details.

I don't know why Vampires are usually given just "some" stats. It's like these generic stats forget, that Vampires were once living persons and had X amount of experience, skills, talents...etc. before they were turned. Some may have been lesser experienced, but others could have been powerful persons even before turned.
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