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Hi guys,

Hey, if this is the wrong section for this, I apologize.

But yes: Warpstone issue 28. I do not have it. I should, as I had paid for it, but I forgot about the whole thing, and when I got in touch with John he had already run out. Is anyone willing to sell their copy?

I understood all the issues might one day be available as PDFs, but I guess that has not happened yet?
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Orin J.
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man i wish he's just get around to scanning and selling PDFs already, i understand he doesn't want people to feel their DTF versions are devalued but it's been HOW long with no reprints or anything?
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As far as I know John has never obtained nor tried to obtain copyrights to the articles and the illustrations published in Warpstone. They still belong to their authors. Some authors didn't agree to have their works available online so WS hasn't been digitalised.
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Scans of issues 4-28 exist on the internet if you look around a bit!
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