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WFRP3 Resources

Wed Jan 16, 2019 5:17 am

I thought it might be good to have a central place to collect all the fan-made resources for WFRP3. I don't have links for everything yet, but I'm working on it. If you spot anything missing, or have links that aren't here, please let me know!

First off, the official FFG forum is not really active anymore, but it still has a wealth of resources and experience to be drawn on. I highly recommend having a dig around if you're after something not covered here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.co ... -roleplay/

Liber Fanatica produced three volumes dedicated to WFRP3 as well as a conversion for the WFRP2 campaign The Thousand Thrones
Volume VII
• Reikland Revolutionaries – Background and adventure hooks
• Variant Zealots – expanded rules
• Encounters, Cards and Teamplay – Advice
• Animal Companions – expanded rules
• Playing Non-Heroic Careers – Advice
• Distinguishing Marks – Background and rules
• GM’s Corner
• Revenant – Scenario
• Pre-generated characters for 44 careers
Volume VIII
• Trade and Smuggling in the Reikland – Simple and advanced rules for trading, Merchant Guild protocol and smuggling
• Honour or Contempt – Expanded social conflict mechanics
• The Law of the Empire – Background and guidelines for creating Trial Episodes
• The Sharp End of Justice – Executioners
• Ubersreik by Night – Criminal guilds, organisations and NPCs
• Secret Signs – Hand signs and ciphers
• Wanted – Part 1 of the Master of Shadows campaign
• Expanded Equipment List
Volume IX
• Imperial Gazetteers – continues Trade and Smuggling article
• Chaos at the Table - Advice
• Mordheim – Adventuring in the City of the Damned – Background, rules and two adventure outlines
• The Wayward Sons and Other Short Stories – One-sheet adventures
• Cheap Tickets – Introductory adventure
• Hand of Glory – Part 2 of the Master of Shadows campaign
The Thousand Thrones

Kalevala Hammer - some top-quality supplements
The Northmen
Rune Expansion

Gitzman’s Gallery - lots of useful resources
Enhanced Character Sheet
Enhanced Fillable Character Sheet
Expanded Fillable Character Sheet
Fillable Character Sheet
WFRP Reference Guide
WFRP Deutsch Reference Guide
GM Screen Replacements
Standard Creature Action Cards List
PC Card Holder Board
Nemesis Card Holder Board
Party Card Holder Board
Warhammer Symbol Font
WFRP3 Dice Stickers

The Esoteric Order of Gamers - definitely check out the rules summary, a must for every player and GM of WFRP3!
https://www.orderofgamers.com/games/war ... d-edition/
WFRP Rules Summary
Character Sheet
Reference Cards
Encounter Reference
Campaign Reference – A Day Late A Shilling Short, An Eye For An Eye, The Gathering Storm
The Edge of Night Reference

Fan Scenarios
A Chill Wind
A Favour for the Fostenklauster
A Shadow Falls
Bugman’s Bitter Blues
Coach Shopping
False Pretenses
Fuhrman’s Black Guard
Good Neighbours
Lost and Found
Of Swords and Shadows
One Hand Gives, the Other Takes away
Sapphic Vampire Killers
The Filthy Five
The Ghost of Mondstille
The Steward of Grauwerk Manor
The Will of the Diseased
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Re: WFRP3 Resources

Wed Jan 16, 2019 5:19 am

Unofficial Component List spreadsheet
Cover Images - from Jay Hafner
Various cards created by WFRP-Averheim

2e to 3e money converter
1e and 2e to 3e skills converter
2e to 3e career abilities conversion

Career Conversions
Alternative Fieldwarden – text only
Tunnel Fighter and Vermin Hunter Careers in Warpstone Issue 30
Spy - created by WFRP-Averheim

Random Generators
Character Creator
Random Adventure Generator
Random Character Generator

Alcoholic Beverages
Complete Careers List
Revised Halfling Careers List

Other Supplements
Advanced Wood Elf Careers
Player’s Guide 2
Race Reference Sheets
JPEG version
PDF version
Secrets of the Anvil
The Book of the Asur
The Dark Side
Weapon and Armour Reference Sheets
Engineer Career (front only)
Reik Eels
Post-Player’s Guide Pre-generated Characters (completing the LF7 list) -
Control Mount Action card
Conservative side
Reckless Side
Master of Disguise/Schauspieler Action card - created by WFRP-Averheim
Conservative side
Reckless side
Hold It! Action card - created by WFRP-Averheim
Conservative side
Reckless side
Malakai's Cocktail Item card - created by WFRP-Averheim
Ruler's Residence Location card - created by WFRP-Averheim
The Southlands
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Re: WFRP3 Resources

Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:24 am

I have most of these, and I must say that they are very useful. Thanks for compiling the list.

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Re: WFRP3 Resources

Wed Feb 13, 2019 3:54 am

No problem, hopefully people will find it useful.

I've added some more resources (via Discord) and added a couple of links.

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