New website for WFRP 3E resources and much more

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Hi all and good health!
I finally had the time to setup a special place for all my roleplaying creations over the years:

There's a section specifically for WFRP 3e with free stuff here (including my Race cards and Weapon/Armor cards expansions):

I plan to add to the site a bunch of free RPG stuff for WFRP 3e and many other systems and content so stay tuned!
Happy gaming and good health to all.
Roy Altman. Addicted to Roleplaying games.
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Thanks, great to see stuff for WFRP3 still getting made!
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Hi there. I hope that picture was a photoshop ;)
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Nice website. I'll look forward to what stuff you'll share with us. :)
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Thanks a lot all. I thought of doing that picture for real. I could :D
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Nice stuff! Really like what you've done with the weapon and armour cards. Thanks!
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