How Do You Play It - Perplexed and Overwhelmed

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We played this week for the first time in years.

One of the players is a Grey Wizard and cast Bewilder from the shadows on the "door man" guarding the way to a pleasure boat. It inflicts Perplexed which adds a purple to mental tasks. Afterwards the Smuggler walked up and played Fake Out to convince the door man that they were supposed to be on the boat as staff. I loved the idea but it didn't seem right that the Perplexed wouldn't come into play with an opposed check. Am I missing something in the rules?

I dropped the Int of the doorman on the guile check which made the check an Easy one. I really felt the perplexed should work here or on things like stealth checks. The other ideas were throwing in some fortune (they are kind of flake though) or making the test a Contested one.

How would you play it?

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Fake Out is an odd action because it doesn't really explain how the basic success level is supposed to work mechanically - I guess it's meant to just be a roleplaying thing left to the GM's discretion. I think you did the right thing reducing the difficulty by one. Adding an expertise die would be another reasonable option, but doesn't really represent the enemy being at a disadvantage so much.
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