Casting - gestures?

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When casting does a wizard need his hands free to gesture or is it purely a verbal action?

Partys elf mage has a broken arm and i agreed that that prob wouldn't impact on casting but when both hands full or arms tied up?

Also can a mage cast spells when "prone"?
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Orin J.
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Rules as written, no movent is required in any sense. Regardless of the requirements in lore, the game mechanics treat casting a spell as having the same requirements as blathering- you only need to be able to open your mouth and let nonsense flow out of it. The prone condition does nothing to restrict one's speech
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Since my players often RP doing gestures whilst casting magic, I think I would house rule a -20 penalty, if their hands were tied, for the bigger spells. Petty spells would be exempt.
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