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I was wondering if anyone has seen or reviewed the 4th ed starter set? Is it a good purchase for a GM that has a veteran RPG group and may not run the starter scenario?
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Definitely if you like the Reikland section in the Core book. The gazetteer of Ubersreik is worth it for the money alone, and is not the kind of thing one normally gets in a starter set. That said the actual book has yet to materialise, only the pdfs and even then some of the maps etc. are still being worked on.

I'd look at the free scenario on DrivethruRPG - that's the kinda scenario you get in the starter set. There's some real darkness/corruption in the Starter Set scenario and Ubersreik is quite an interesting setting.
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Your question makes me guess you think the included scenario is the make or break component here.

So let me ask: why wouldn't you run it? Because your group is veteran?

The starter set is meant to jump start a WFRP4 campaign. You get pregenerated characters (each with opinions on all other pregens), a scenario and a nice chunk of setting.

You can use everything included even if your players want to make their own heroes, but you would need the rulebook for that.

Of course, strictly nothing about this product is formally required. Myself, I'm using it to study NPC stat blocks - it provides the very first examples of NPCs with some actual skill to them (as opposed to the "all stats at 30%" stat blocks of the rulebook Bestiary).

I think your group of veteran players would find the starting scenario very challenging indeed, especially if they all used the Halfling pregen stats ;)

Does this help?
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Thanks for the reply. My hesitation was that I had heard the scenario required the pregenerated characters and my group would want to use there own ones. Glad to hear the scenario and background is robust.
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Great to hear the Starter Set is worth the money! It'll definitely go on my list of "Things to get soon", so to speak. I've read through the core rule book of 4th Ed. WFRP and like it a lot, as someone who's also ran 1st and 2nd editions of the system as well.
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Yeah I have bought it, and at first wasn't too impressed, but having now read through the adventures, I think it is a good kit.

I haven't done the maths to check, but I think the pre-gens start at an increased level of experience? If not, I am surprised at the level of some of their skills! Some of the additional adventure ideas are also specifically meant for the pre-gens, but could quite easily be adapted I think. So my only real complaint is that there is no map of Ubersriek... but as skerrigan says, hopefully that is still in the works.

The other book is quite a good 'campaign setting' type book for Ubersreik, which you may find useful too.
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As per Andy Law, we expect two maps, one for the province and one for the city.
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mormegil wrote:
Tue Jan 15, 2019 7:47 am
As per Andy Law, we expect two maps, one for the province and one for the city.
Maps are ready for download, if you have PDF version too. Looks nice 8-)
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I usually tend to skip starter sets, but bought it because WFRP. And I actually think the Ubersreik gazeteer is very solid and it gives me great hope for the future of C7 fluff. Also, the map is awesome. As is the general presentation. The adventure can be played with any characters and it has some good ideas/mood/setup.
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