Hints of Cathay.

The enemy lurks in shadows
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Totsuzenheni Yukimi
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Some of you might be familiar with Games Workshop's posts about the Olde World and with the post about Total War: Warhammer III revealing that Cathay will be in the game. I think the "Lady of the Commandery Yabo Chao, Weijin’s Venerated Envoy" in one of the recent Cubicle 7 posts must be from Cathay, so perhaps it's possible that there will be some WFRP Cathay material in the not too distant future.
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Orin J.
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I wouldn't hold too much to that, C7 just likes dropping visual pops to other parts of the world. one of the career artworks in the main rulebook is clearly intended to be a lady from araby or maybe nehekara and then they didn't do much else with it.
Le Passant
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A Sudron even, as her design is nearly identical to a Southlands dweller from the Blood on the Reik book.
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