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Whats everyone's thoughts on when a player can level up a career?

Running The Horned Rat and players have been busy with the investigations but two have racked up loads of xp and want to train/level up.

They have the contacts and I would normally tell them to wait for an endevour but only half way through the campaign.

Given this I suppose the two could take a week out and train/learn some talents.
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Depending on how far through you are, I don't think there is a big deal in putting a bit of a pause in proceedings. Certainly up to the hearing with the Graf, I think it's easy enough to withold leads for a while as characters perform endeavours. It gets trickier after that, but perhaps still doable.
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Building in downtime for Endeavors between chapters is always a good idea. And being in communication about what their character's career goals and when they anticipate making those changes is also a good idea because as a GM, you need to be seeding the hooks ahead of time.
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I don’t put any restrictions on when a player can level up a career, but I do limit the status gain until it’s justified (generally by gaining all the trappings). Basically you can begin buying the skill and talents etc, but no one is going to consider you the head of a knightly order until you have an order of knights.
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