Do we have any ETA on Rough Night and TEW:DC?

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Do we have any sort of an ETA or official update from C7 on when Rough Nights and subsequently The Enemy Within update are likely to see publication, PDF and then hard copy? Any ides? Any news?

Cubicle 7 were always poor at updates and communications, and since their forums went its been more or less radio silence. Anybody heard anything?
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Rough Nights: Soon
The Enemy Within: Soon
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I think they've learned from the experience with the Core Book and especially the Starter Set. If you tell people nothing, they moan. If you give them something, they yell. If you give them whole parts of it while the finished, printed product is yet far away, they come with pitchforks.

I want this stuff to be GOOD, and every month it takes longer is actually a damn good sign.

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Rough Night is expected in 2nd quarter 2019 so ... you should plan for it in June or July.
Someone posted a publisher note about TEW with stated Aug 2019 so...
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Rough Nights was briefly on Drivthru earlier, but was quickly taken down again (though some lucky souls managed to get it in the interim!). So should be soon.
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My guess is that C7 will probably release it in PDF as part of their 10th anniversary thing around the 23rd April.

The buildings PDF will be out in a month on DTRPG for those folks who didn't order the core rules prior to November last year.
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From Discord:

Q. Will we be able to pre-order the physical with pdf from Cubilcle 7 today?

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I believe so.
I don’t handle that part, though.
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Joyjous news if we get the material soon. :)
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It was released as a PDF drivethrurpg briefly the other day before it was pulled. Some folks have it. Which presumably means it isn't long until the rest of us can order it. I held out for the printed book + pdf combo.
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