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So I think its about time that I express my gratitude to Chuck for bringing this forum online (having lurked around here for 1½ year and many years before that on StS).

I truly appreciate you running this forum - mainly because it is a fairly drama free place that has only a moderate amount of activity.

Yes - I said moderate amount of activity. That to me is a good thing - people tend to put some thought into their posts here before they submit them. So the quality of what people post is generally very high.

A bit THANK YOU to Chuck :-)

Feel free to join the praising
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I'll second that!

Regardless of Facebook groups (I've seen a few names that I can attach to usernames), and Reddit, it's forums like StS and WindsOfChaos that will always be home for me. A deep and heartfelt THANK YOU to Chuck.
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From me to: Thank you Chuck!

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Totsuzenheni Yukimi
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I appreciate it Chuck.
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Power Behind the Throne
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Hey guys, thanks! I also appreciate the high quality of the posts here -- here's to many more years!
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Also, count in my support and appreciation of Chuck's work and the forum.
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Huzzah to Chuck, great moderator and writer.
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Orin J.
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may this crisis have led to a great many good campaigns for him
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I agree. All hail Chuck!
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Congrats to still keeping the lights on, Chuck! Great to see the place remains active! :)
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Power Behind the Throne
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Thanks everyone! Here's to many more years of WFRP goodness here at Winds of Chaos.
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