Hägercrybs adventures?

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Are there any good adventures set in the Hägercrybs?

My players are in Bögenhafen and a bit intrigued by the Hägercrybs. I do not recall seeing any adventures set there, but perhaps there are some? I am looking for something pretty well fleshed-out, not one paragraph adventure ideas from Adventures Afoot in the Reikland or such. Anything forum members might recommend?

Bit of background: I played WFRP 1st ed. (TEW to Kislev + some individual adventures) in the 80s. Rediscovered Warhammer this spring and have been running it since June. 2nd edition rules, 1st edition setting.
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Orin J.
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There hasn't been anything offical set in them, to the best of my knowledge. that said, i've never been very up to date on homebrew (honestly thought WFRP was a dead system when i got into it!) so i wouldn't give up hope just yet.
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Seems like your chance to ‘populate’ the crybs. Someone (a criminal? A pair of forbidden lovers? A young noble running from debtors? An academic who has found clues to the location of a treasure in the hills and is now trying to find it, not knowing of (or believing in) the curse upon that treasure?) has fled to the Hägercrybs and the PCs have to follow her trail and bring her back. On the way they meet interesting people, come to villages, old forts, and strange geographical features, and so on.

There are some generic WFRP adventures (that you could use in any part of the Old World) that you could place in the Hägercrybs. One is where the PCs follow the trail of an elementalist and his apprentice, who have tried to summon a Wisentlich (not an undead bovine, but a sort of Über-elemental), who didn’t like being summoned. Looked it up, the adventure was called ‘Element of Risk’ and published in WD 107.
Basically, the elementalist and his apprentice summoned a Wisentlich, a higher level Earth elemental. He didn’t like being summoned and with a volley of stones killed the elementalist and broke the legs of the apprentice. However, that left him standing within the circle and now he cannot get out without being unsummoned.
Enter the PCs. They are travelling through the mountains in bad weather (a side effect of the elemental magic), when a small yipping dog lures them to the top of a stony, barren hill. At the top they find a stone circle, and in the middle of that circle another circle with a statue in it - but it isn’t a statue, it is the wisentlich. The PCs will have to argue with the cranky Earth elemental to let them help the apprentice, but the wisentlich demands that they break the spell. The wisentlich being too strong to engage in a fight, the PCs will have to solve the encounter in another way.

Another such wilderness adventure with a generic, replaceable location was published in Casus Belli, a French RPG zine. In that one, a professor and his student have gone into the wilderness to find an ancient Elven city. And they haven’t returned yet.
When the PCs follow their trail, they enter upon that city by nightfall, on the night of a full moon. And find that the city is alive - that elves are walking the streets of this supposedly uninhabited, long-lost city. However, when they investigate, they find out that the elves are insubstantial images, who don’t react to the players.
A Dark Elven wizard and his team are there. They cast a magic ritual that brings back the images of a few thousand years ago, when the city was still inhabited. The wizard tries to find out what happened to a magic necklace or some other McGuffin by following and observing the people who had it in their possession. When the professor and his apprentice showed up, the dark elves captured them, and now they are trussed up in one of the buildings.
A surprise for the players comes when they move into one of the ghostly elves - only this one is substantial! It is one of the elves of the wizard’s team, and he will try to fight and capture the PCs.
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The only one I'm aware of is the fan-made 'The Steward of Grauwerk Manor'. But it's for 3rd edition and requires the GM to put in a lot of build-up and foreshadowing before actually playing, so it might not suit your needs really. Although it could provide some inspiration for doing your own things.
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There are some ideas in the WFRP 4 Core Rules and the Adventures in the Reikland pdf. Nothing big, just ideas to be further developed by the GM.
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