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In my campaign, my band of criminal players situated in the Middenheim slums are nearing Geheimnisnacht and I'm wondering what to do for it.
Surprisingly, the writeup about it in the WFRP2 rulebooks was pretty thin, mostly about the Day of Mysteries being used to communicate with ancestors and everyone staying in at night. However, I am setting this campaign just before the rise of Archaons Storm Of Chaos, so I was thinking that this would be the point where all the red flags come out about what is going on.

Does anyone have any observations or ideas about what goes on at night in a city like Middenheim on Geheimnisnacht? Or any resources I might not have thought about consulting for inspiration?
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Well, various Chaos Cult activity is something what comes to mind. It is one those days, when small rifts between become large and large become immense, and daemonic incursion do happen. Summoning is much more easier. As Dhar flows more powerfully, also Necromancers may find this good moment to do their dark rituals/magic.

People are little scared about this event and most probably stay home or inside (Inns & Taverns). But, city is probably little quiet. I could imagine, that there is some activity in the Ulric Temple - People can pray there safely. Morr priests off course move around collecting donations (probably with Templars). Large fires are burned to ward evil spirits. Divinations also get bonuses (Azyr).
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