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Capitaneus Fractus
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If one read French, I feel he might find pleasant to see National Library of France's current online temporary exhibition on Fantasy:
Veniam, Duelli Malleum, phantasticum ludum personae uidebo, in fera terra periculosorum aduenturorum ludebam.
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The old Sierra adventure games may not exactly be mainstream, but I'd suggest them anyway.

The Quest for Glory series seems like pretty good inspiration for Warhammer to me. You could easily transplant the first game into an Imperial province, and the fourth game into Kislev. The second and third games take place in Araby- and Southlands-equivalents, though the plot of the third game is basically to stop a Chaos incursion.

The Gabriel Knight series may provide some inspiration for Witch Hunter types too, and although it has a modern setting, you could make it Renaissance without too much trouble, I think.

"Conquests of Camelot" and "Conquests of the Longbow" might be good inspiration for Bretonnia; they're a bit more medieval than the other games.
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Toby Pilling
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I'd definitely recommend the film 'Midsommar', which I watched this week on Amazon Prime. Old Faith followers will never seem the same again...
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I don’t think anyone has mentioned these so far:


Jabberwocky - ex-Pythons give us a medieval monster hunt with all the darkness and silliness of Warhammer.

Pan’s Labyrinth - you’d be hard pressed to be dazzled and inspired in some way by this.


The Matthew Shardlake series by CJ Sansom - lawyer at Henry VIII’s court. There are a few of these now, some more WFRPy than others. I’d recommend Dark Fire (hunt for an alchemical weapon through the underbelly of London), Sovereign (a secret in the royal household brings danger during a tour of the north) and Tombland (the most recent one with the effects of enclosure, urban poverty and rebellion in East Anglia) as particularly good for atmosphere and background.

The Alastriste novels by Arturo Perez Reverte - the film has been mentioned but the novels are worth a look too. Purity of the Blood, King’s Gold and Man in the Yellow Doublet are particularly recommended for those looking for Estalian inspiration.

For fantasy - The Monarchies of God by Paul Kearney- Renaissance wars and the Age of Discovery with added magic.
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