NergalCon 2 from the 12th-14th February

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As the new year approaches as the menace continues, we must meet again for a communal online roleplaying convention/ceremony to turn the tide against the great evil plaguing our land. Using a combination of Discord, Roll20 or other online platform. Game Master's can submit their game, and decide now or later to the event the time in GMT and day they can run. We suggest 14.00 - 18.00 and 19.00 - 23.00. This is an attempt to balance between European and American time zones. The convention is free to all and will host a series of one shots, four hours long, that are system agnostic, set in the ‘Old World’.

Sorry about the delay and thanks for the gentle encouragement for a new event. I'll be setting up new documents, working on the Discord in the next few day and hopefully we can begin to fill out the schedule and get players interest.

Discord link
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Excellent news. Thank-you! :D
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Looking forward to it! (Might have to be cautious around Valentine's Day though!
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Just two weeks to go until the start of NergalCon 2. We have a full schedule of games for you to sign up for, sign up for that one that sounds cool before it has filled up.
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how did it go?
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It was good fun, once again. I managed to play in a couple of the Saturday games - both offerings by Rob Rees. 'Hellhounds of Winter' was relatively mainstream (by Rob's standards), using a retro Fighting Fantasy-type ruleset. Pre-gen PCs might have worked better as we stumbled through compiling the stats of our characters but the adventure was good - I particularly enjoyed the depiction of the Hellhound and the demoniacal 'Burning Men' it created.

My evening fare was 'Tinker, Tailor, Cultist, Mutant' and was an investigative scenario where the PCs have the ability to influence the narrative and guide the story. I was used to the mechanism, as Rob had used something similar in another scenario of his I played in a few years ago. It can take a little time to 'grok' the system, though, and our efforts eventually ran out of time. The epilogue was pretty disastrous for the Empire, alas, though I did create a memorable doomed NPC who I intend to use in my own WFRP creations in the future.

Many thanks to Tad for organising the con (though black marks for timetabling games on Valentine's Day!). Thanks too to all the GMs who took the time to create enjoyable adventures. It keeps the WFRP flame burning in a time of lockdown darkness...
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Thanks everyone who came and sorry for the weekend it ran on. I should have just put it forward when the date was brought up. So on Friday I ran my new one-shot The Dirty Gobbo half dozen and that went well. With three players it was much more focused then the usual rivalry as players act in and actually played out roughly like I'd planned which was nice to see that flow was possible. Neither of my other two games ran so I played for the rest of the weekend.

On Saturday I played in Carnel's two indie style games, and each had a strong atmosphere, esp. the first one that was based on early Warhammer lore that gave it an otherworldly dark fairytale feel and the second had us as house servants for the Countess of Nuln trying to stay on the good side of a Witchfinder and his associates. For the second game it took time to understand that with all the goals to meet, you needed to use any good roll as much to your favour as possible.

On Sunday was in The Green Moon Pox a very detailed game with maps and tokens and a strong interlocking narrative. For the first time I got to play in a Zweihander game and see it runs in someone else's hands which was worked great overall. There might even be a followup story with some of the other characters that would be great to play in again.
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