StS is no more

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Natascha has finally pulled the plug.
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Saddest news of the day
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Will be greatly missed.
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All good things come to the end... But yes, sad.
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Very sad, although I had made my peace with the thought that this day must come at one time or another. :(
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StS passing is a sad event, I had been a member there for 10 years and had a great many wonderful conversations (with most of you) there.

But the fact that a significant number of people from StS seem to have made their way here is what makes it bearable. StS is no more. Long live WindsOfChaos!
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"410 No longer available

This internet resource is no longer available.

Everything has its time. Everything has to go... If you want to discuss WFRP visit Winds of Chaos forums. Thank you for 18 awesome years.

Server Goddess"

At the time of this writing, the index page has gone, but it is still possible to post messages to the individual forums.
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Probably my last StS post :cry: :geek:

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I felt surprisingly sad I saw the forums were no longer. Time passes, things change. But it still felt bad.
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Sad news, even we have been waiting for this for a long time…

Thank you for all the years.

And let's continue Warhammer discussions on this forum. Hopefully even more fans finds this.
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Sad day, still we live on, WFRP mailing list may change forms but we never go away :-D
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