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Andy Law's various house rules have been published on his Lawhammer Blog. He's revised the Characteristics (down to 8, the number of Chaos), to Skills (there's a new type, Learned Skills), to Careers (which looks way too fiddly for me).

Characteristics: ... -some.html
Skills: ... skill.html
Careers: ... paths.html

The Characteristics look good. The Skills are decent, though I think a simpler rule could have been to give everyone a Profession Skill that covers all lores and languages covered by their Career (e.g., Lore (Warfare) and Language (Battle) for Soldiers). Or even default all Career-related Lore, Etiquette and Language tests to (highest relevant Career Level x 10% + Intelligence or Dexterity, depending on the test).

Leaving this here in case it's useful to come making house rules or wanting more 'official' optional rules.
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