Spring clean: 1 new + 13 updated documents

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After far too long, I refreshed my WFRP website with 1 New + 13 Updated documents:

  • Maritime encounter table (High Seas)
  • Cult of Verena in Altdorf (Religion)
  • Verenan hierarchy & prayers (Religion)
  • Ulrican hierarchy & prayers (Religion)
  • Invoking prayers in WFRP1x (Religion)
  • Werecreatures in WFRP1x (Bestiary)
  • GM's screen for WFRP1x (GM aids)
  • Players' screen for WFRP1x (GM aids)
  • Melee weapons for WFRP1x (GM aids)
  • Missile weapons for WFRP1x (GM aids)
  • NPC motivations, Fear, Fire & Magick (GM aids)
  • Shoulders of giants: coherency for weapons stats (GM aids)
  • Rawhide: expanded rules for riding horses (Rules)
  • Blood sweat & tears: rules for learning skills (Rules)
Feedback and/or questions are welcome!

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