Military Organization of the Old World

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Many thanks to all of you who helped me with this. Here is version 1 of my document for Military Organization ... sp=sharing

Comments, questions, and tips for improvement are always welcome.
If you find this useful, I would love to hear that too.

I have intentionally not included numbers because I think that they should be determined by you the GM to fit within the narrative/adventure you are telling.

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Good stuff! Not sure I'll have a use for it in my WFRP games, but it all makes sense. I especially like the clarification of Career, Title and Role.
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At last i had some free, calm time to read it. This is very good work You put in here Hyarion. You cut all the chaos bits and put them in one piece. Great job i gonna favourite that it will save me so much trouble with my "bunch of misfits" i making up... and my "Creepy Paste Story" with them.
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