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We’re not in the Old World any more
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Age of Sigmar specifically avoids giving explicit dates for events. This makes it hard to narrow down exactly when things occurred, which is fine for a tabletop miniature battles game, but somewhat more challenging when dealing with an RPG. When it comes to the timeline, here's what I've come up with and the questions I still have:

So the Age of Myth was very long, and the Mortal Realms were old even before Sigmar and his friends entered the scene.

Age of Chaos was "many centuries" long. In one of the novels, it is said it was 500 years long, but I can't remember the source.

Age of Sigmar started and the building of the Free Cities began roughly 100 years before the Necroquake triggered the Soul Wars.

How long do the Soul Wars last (between Necroquake and the events of Broken Realms:Teclis)? Should it be months, years, decades?

Any clarifications/input? References would be great if you have them.
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I think that Age of Sigmar has been going on for at least a few hundred years. I seem to recall that Age of Myth was thousands of years ago. It's too vague to be certain but that sadly is the point.
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