Earl of Fife Games Announces Licensing Deal for Tetsubō - Former Warhammer Fantasy Setting Expansion

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Tetsubō is coming to Heroes & Hardships in 2023.


Earl of Fife Games is proud to announce the licensing of the unpublished Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay setting expansion Tetsubō by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson (famed authors of Dragon Warriors and Fabled Lands).

Tetsubō is set to be released as a setting for the Heroes & Hardships Core Rulebook (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/he ... e-rulebook), with expanded rules dedicated for play in the fantastical land of Yamato. Tetsubō is a game inspired by both Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Sengoku era Japan. Earl of Fife Games will bring the setting to life with gritty fantasy in a feudal land of samurai, oni, and glory.

The Heroes & Hardships Core Rulebook is coming soon on Kickstarter. Follow today to get notified when we go live and help bring Tetsubō and other great supplements to life.

​The Heroes & Hardships Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/he ... e-rulebook)

You can find out more about the licensing deal at Geek Native (https://www.geeknative.com/145719/tetsu ... s-and-jam/)

You can find out more about Tetsubō's origins HERE (https://awesomeliesblog.wordpress.com/2 ... r-tetsubo/.

- Jason
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That brings me right back to the 80s.
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should be interesting to see how well this can be whipstiched onto a WFRP campaign, but i'm not gonna be kickstarting anything these days. best of luck to these guys i guess.
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Good luck with this. There was a copy of Tetsubo sold as fanzines in the early 2000s - Rob Rees published it with Carnel. Presumably this has been completed and updated from what was in there (obviously with a different system)?
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Chuck wrote: Fri Nov 18, 2022 8:17 pm That brings me right back to the 80s.
At first blush, it did me too.

However, I am saddened to hear they went with a 1) new 2) generic 3) dice pool game. That's three strikes out of three. Instead writing the new iteration of the Tetsubō campaign world for an 1) existing, play-tested, rule-set that is 2) specific for Eastern or at least low fantasy gaming that uses 3) traditional die resolution would have upped my enthusiasm considerably.
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