Need input for nemesis' last words

The enemy lurks in shadows
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My players just defeated a Tzeentch chaos warrior (Ulfhednar), and I want him to roar something creepy and unnerving as he falls to the ground defeated. Any ideas?
Links to the Power Behind the Throne would be cool.
Knight of the Lady
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Maybe a quote from Dawn of War 2?

"Remember this day, for you are looking at your own future!"
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Ahh nice! Thank you!

Or maybe, "Alas... I could have spared you a horrid future... Your victory here is a loss in disguise...".
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i'd have got away with it too, if it hadn't been for those meddling kids.
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"Curses, foiled again!"
"At last, the nightmare is over."
"The curse... is now yours... to deal with."
"Thank you."
"When you see me again, I will even more powerful."
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Power Behind the Throne
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With its dying breath, have it utter some demonic gibberish like "nar pelith ulna kalnithar"

Then have horns grow out of the players' backs.
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Ah yes! The player who landed the killing blow needs to do a hard endurance test, OR he will immediately be cursed with a mutation! Uuuhh.... that's so cool. I will have to clear it with player first though, I think, before session.
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