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Hi. Just wondered if anyone here has used an app or program they'd recommend for tracking initiative and wounds, and otherwise speeding up combat management.

It seems like the market is mostly catering to d20 games, which is pretty understandable. But I wondered if there was something already around that could be customized to run some of the core bookkeeping of a WFRP fight... really just ordering combatants, tracking wound count., and space for a note on conditions. Anything beyond that would be gravy.

I'm running 2nd ed WFRP, but I figured all editions are about on even footing for this question. I currently have an Android phone, but am thinking of upgrading to some kind of tablet for gaming, or possibly a laptop.

If you have a good recommendation, I'm all ears! Thanks!
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I use laminated 3x5 cards, once they are laminated you can use dry erase markers to easily write/rewrite notes and wounds taken and such.
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While having a laptop around when playing can be a good thing, I have not felt the need for such an app. Never even occurred to me. Pen and paper and an eraser has worked for us.

I can see use for such a thing if and when things get massive, but have not yet run into a situation like that.

EDIT: And I did not mean to sound high and mighty (even though it might come across like I did).
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i have a spreadsheet that i rather lamely call a "combat matrix" that lists all my players and npcs relevant combat stats plus some frequently used things like perception, search, and sixth sense. i include weaponry and defences and checkboxes for if they've used dodge/parry that round. once initiative is determined i have it sort by that column so that i can just work my way down the list each round.
not really an 'app' but it's made things much easier for me, especially when the number of combatants goes above 10...
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In our group we use numbered red and black tokens for the wounds inflicted, blank black tokens for advantage and the GM keeps track of conditions on his notepad. We just finished the death on the Reich and the last three sessions were combat heavy. The system as I described it worked well enough for us
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