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I recently 1 & updated 10 documents on my WFRP website:

The origins of WFRP1x weapons: comparing stats in WFRP 1 & 2 (GM aids)
+4 websites: It Always Rains in Nuln, Winds of Chaos Forums, WFRP Reddit & Rat Catchers’ Guild Discord (Websites)

Werecreatures in WFRP1x (Bestiary)
Invoking prayers in WFRP1x & Cult of Verena in Altdorf (Religion)
Enchanting WFRP's magick (Magic)
GM's & Players screens for WFRP1x (GM aids)
Melee & missile weapons for WFRP1x (GM aids)
NPC motivations, Fear, Fire & Magick sheet (GM aids)
Seasonal Labours of a Medieval Peasant (Background)

Restored Andy's LawHammer blog (Websites)

Strike to Stun forums (Websites)

Let me know if you have any questions,

Equitas & Veritas
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