Coming back to 3ed. What I've missed....

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I've taken a few years off from our campaign to play and run some D&D and Action Movie World (primarily). Looking to pick up the story again and get back to the system.

Things I've missed from Third Edition:
  • The non-binary dice results. I keep trying to find ways to bring the "succeed but something desirable happens" or "fail with a benefit" into other systems. This was so much gold in our sessions and led to the players surprising me with their own twists as to what happens with the results.
  • Fatigue and Stress. These, more than hit points were the real currency at the table. When players got close to passing out it was pretty awesome and led to some fantastic role-play.
  • Chaos Star results. We got to a point where if stars were rolled the players insisted something happened in the scene. I don't know why but they loved seeing their characters really squirm. They, more than I, would come up with the perfect "oh shit..." moments. Glorious
Anyone else starting/restarting?
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Great to hear you're coming back to the best edition of the game! I think you've picked out three of the best things about the system there. Sounds like you've got a group of players who really make the most of it too.
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Yeah, it just has a certain flair no other system quite captures.

Don't forget the fun of rolling fistfuls of dice!
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