The Southern Chaos Wastes

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Sword of Solkan
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So, what might you expect to find in the Southern Chaos Wastes, if they’re imagined as something loosely Australian as seen through a lens of traditional WFRP irreverence?

I’m imagining them a bit like this…

For three days, Sir Geoffrey and his companions traversed the blighted wastes, intent on salvaging whatever could still be gleaned from the ashes of this cursed land. When the blistering sun did not beat down it hailed, great jagged hunks of ice that bore the face of the dread goddess Kie-Lhe, which screamed and cackled as they melted to nothing.

The tumbledown walls and crumbling towers of the doomed city Brice’s Bane could distantly be seen across the sands when their pursuers fell upon them.

“Yeh-Na! Yeh-Na!” The Bhogarns chanted, the fiery dæmons chained to their chariots smoking and screeching as they raced across the dunes.

“Avaunt or taste my blade!” Geoffrey called out, his company forming a tight circle as the marauders drew closer.

“Call that a blade?” The Bhogarn champion scoffed, as he hefted his own weapon aloft “this is what I call a blade!” It was a mighty falchion, and a devil’s tongue snaked from the hilt to lick up the hot blood that spurted from the blade, and yet it seemed little more than a child’s toy in his great and misshapen paw.

With that, the marauders charged. Lawbringer sang her deadly song, smoking with red ruin as Geoffrey hacked and hewed through the Chaotic host. Bhogarns screamed and died. And yet their numbers seemed too great until, at last, a strange squawking rang across the dunes. Wailing with fear, the surviving marauders fled as quickly as they had arrived, as the land darkened beneath great feathery shapes.

“What are those things?” Geoffrey demanded.

Those are the Y’myu, guardians of this land,” Gower replied, ashen-faced, “Even the Bhogarns fear them, for the Y’myu defeated the first of their people in ancient times...”
Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.
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I don't get the Y'mru reference.

Throw in a Maximillian the mad. Last remaining champion of a Law god.

A warband with Marauders on spikey horned 'Roos. And a chaos champion riding a howdah borne by a giant platypus.

A forest with a legend about drop-bears.

An enclave resisting the chaotic landscape. The folk inside agree everyone needs good neighbours.
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Sword of Solkan
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Good ideas, and I suspect the average WFRP player will be surprised if the enclave is anything other than a Chaos cult.
Wyrmslayer wrote: Sun Jul 17, 2022 12:48 pm I don't get the Y'mru reference.
That’s the emu:
Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.
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I guess I always envisioned it as Antarctica.

Its massive but empty. There's not really much for chaos to corrupt apart from the odd penguin.

Where as the northern realms are unbelievably busy, with multiple warring tribes, any sentient being you come across is probably very, very isolated. Which I think makes a good contrast.

However, looking at canon sources, it appears the Southern Wastes may actually be more populated than the northern wastes. Full of Beastfiends, that are combinations of demons and animals. They appear to be a even more primitive than Beastmen, and obviously cannot really raid to steal better technology due to how isolated the whole continent is.
Knight of the Lady
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If the map that comes in the Beastmen army book is something to believe then the Southern Wastes are pretty heavily populated by Beastmen. ... en_Map.jpg
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